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Story: Azeban the trickster notices that something is off in his realm and goes on a walk to find out how the order of things is about to change.

Notes: Maybe it's just my computer, but it lags a bit when Pamola is under the fire in the web player, so you may have troubles with that section (especially of you're running other stuff in the background). Added some bug fixes for the collision. Apparently I was off by a decimal place. I know the state machine for the animations get stuck a bit.

Walkthrough (10 minutes)

Additional: Totally unexpected evolution from the theme image, following the mask into native American mythology and the ourobouros world design. Kind of a basic platformer, rushed it after the blue boss due to time constraints.

These deities all live in a digital futuristic representation of the galactic central sun and its spiral motions which is sort of like a lab observing experiments/games in the arms of the milky way.

Published Mar 10, 2014
AuthorPrelucid Pictures
Tagsazeban, best, cyber, Cyberpunk, jam, Neon, punk